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FileMaker 19.4 Update

November 18, 2021

Claris has released FileMaker 19.4, an update that covers the entire FileMaker product line: FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Server and FileMaker Cloud. This post highlights the features added, the items changed and the bugs fixed.

On November 16, 2021 Claris announced the release of the latest version of its software platform: the FileMaker 19.4 update. The FileMaker 19.4 update provides compatibility with Windows 11, macOS Monterey 12 and iOS 15. It also adds a number of new features, changes some functionality and fixes a number of bugs. Every way in which you use your FileMaker apps – desktop, mobile device, web, cloud – has been enhanced in this release.

I have summarized the highlights below, but I recommend that you read the full release notes to obtain more information:

Highlights of FileMaker 19.4 Update

Features Added

  • (Pro on macOS) You can use macOS shortcuts to run and pass parameters to FileMaker scripts, so you can trigger a FileMaker script via the Shortcuts app or by using Siri.
  • (Server + Pro) You can choose from several additional OAuth identity providers and you can customize the name and icon of the provider that a user sees when they log in.
  • (Server + Cloud + Pro) You can use the new session identifier to provide administrators with additional information about a user who is connected to a hosted app. You can alter the default value for the identifier to something more meaningful using the new Set Session Identifier script step.
  • (Server) You will notice the effect of performance improvements on the server that have enhanced responsiveness in custom apps during create, read, update and delete operations.
  • (Server) Similarly, you will notice FileMaker WebDirect performance improvements because the server allows a greater number of stable concurrent web connections and only generates the cascading style sheets once when switching layouts or resizing non-card windows.

Changes Made

  • (Pro) You can use the system table named FileMaker_BaseTableFields, which only includes source tables rather than all table occurrences, to run faster SQL queries.
  • (Pro) You can use the ‘offset.portal_name’ and ‘limit.portal_name’ keys to control the related records returned by the Execute FileMaker Data API script step.
  • (Server) You access the admin console through port 443 rather than port 16000.
  • (Server + Cloud + Pro + Go) The FileMaker platform has been updated to OpenSSL 1.1.1l to improve security.
  • (Server) The default certificate and private keys have been replaced with dynamically-created certificates to improve security.
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Bugs Fixed

  • (Pro) When embedded container data was transferred to external storage for more than one container field at the same time in a hosted FileMaker file, the embedded data wasn’t removed and the host sometimes stopped responding.
  • (Pro) When selecting ‘Share’ then ‘Upload to Host’ from the status toolbar, nothing happened or the current file was not added to the upload list.
  • (Pro on Windows) When dragging a file to an interactive container field, the file wasn’t added to the database but was sometimes downloaded to the Downloads folder.
  • (Pro on Windows) When clicking in a web viewer that has a hide condition, whilst FileMaker Pro is in the background (i.e. you are in another app but can see the FileMaker web viewer in a window and click it directly), FileMaker Pro may stop responding.
  • (Server on macOS) When a FileMaker Pro user downloaded incomplete PDF files from container fields that were set to display images, FileMaker Server stopped responding.
  • (Server on Linux + Cloud) When the GetThumbnail function was used, poor quality thumbnails were created; and when a signature was inserted using FileMaker Go, poor quality images were saved.
  • (Go) When connecting to a hosted app and then closing it, in some circumstances you could not reopen it.
  • (Go) When playing an audio file from a container field, the audio file would stop playing and return an error if the device went to sleep; attempting to replay the audio file would then also return an error.
  • (Cloud) When restoring large files, or downloading files with large external container data, the process failed due to the session expiring.

How to Get the FileMaker 19.4 Update

  • FileMaker Pro  You are likely to get a prompt when you next run FileMaker Pro. If you don’t, select ‘Check for Updates…’ from the FileMaker Pro Help menu or download an updater from the Claris downloads page.
  • FileMaker Server You can download an installer from your Electronic Software Download (ESD) page, or you can log in to your Claris Customer Console and download it from there.
  • FileMaker Cloud Your instance is likely to be upgraded automatically. If it isn’t, go to the Dashboard of the FileMaker Cloud Admin Console to upgrade it.
  • FileMaker Go The app is likely to be upgraded automatically. If it isn’t, open the App Store app on your device, tap on the user icon top-right, scroll down to see the list of available updates and tap the ‘update’ or ‘update all’ button.