Claris Platform and IT Requirements

The Claris platform is an extensible, low-code environment for custom app development and workflow automation used by 1+ million professionals around the world. By adding Claris to your technology stack you can dramatically reduce your IT project backlog without sacrificing quality, security or control.

The flexibility of the Claris platform continually aligns with IT governance principles to manage risk and optimize performance.

Use Claris, a complete rapid application development tool, to quickly create and deploy apps and workflows that are secure, compliant and performant for your team.

  • Security: Use robust industry-standard security features to protect your data.
  • Integration: Easily integrate Claris with existing systems and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Administration: Maintain and monitor your system with intuitive, time-saving tools.
  • Deployment: Deploy apps in any environment and on any platform; scale to 500 users.

How Claris Platform aligns with IT requirements

Icon for security and privacy.

Security and Privacy

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Integration and Automation

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Administration and Monitoring

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Deployment and Scalability

Icon for why choose Claris.

Why Choose Claris?

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Resources, Training and Certification

This page is adapted from a page on the Claris website; for more detail and links to additional information, please visit that page.

You can also download a feature checklist PDF.

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The Claris Platform contains robust industry-standard security features to protect data. Photo by Pixabay.

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