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FileMaker 19.5 Update

June 16, 2022

Claris has released FileMaker 19.5, an update that covers the entire FileMaker product line: FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and FileMaker Server. This post highlights the features added, the items changed and the nearly 400 bugs fixed.

On June 15, 2022 Claris announced the release of the latest version of its software platform: the FileMaker 19.5 update. This notable update is described by Claris in its announcement email as containing “significant performance, security, and reliability improvements that better support innovative application development and complex use cases”. It adds a number of new features, changes some functionality and fixes, reportedly, nearly 400 bugs. (No, I’m not going to list them!) Every way in which you use your FileMaker apps – desktop, mobile device, web – has been enhanced in this release.

I have summarized the highlights below, but I recommend that you read the full release notes to obtain more information:

Highlights of FileMaker 19.5 Update

Features Added

  • (Pro) A new function – JSONGetElementType – returns the type of data within an element in a JSON object, array index or path.
  • (Pro on macOS + Go) There are two new functions: GetLiveText returns the text found in an image and ReadQRCode reads a QR code from an image.
  • (Server) You can use parallel backups to reduce downtime and improve performance.
  • (Server) Summary fields for hosted custom applications can be processed by FileMaker Server to improve performance.
  • (Server) The scripting engine has an increased memory cache to handle more effectively larger, more memory intensive tasks.
  • (Go) GS1 DataBar barcodes are supported.

Changes Made

  • (Pro) You are notified if an fmp URL is opening a hosted custom application so that you can open it anyway, add the host to your permitted hosts or cancel.
  • (Pro) You can save data from the current window in the Save a Copy as XML and Save a Copy as Add-on Package script steps. In addition, the Save a Copy as XML script step now adds a few more things to the XML file, including detailed calculation information and external data sources and UUIDs for value lists.
  • (Server + Pro + Go) The FileMaker platform has been updated to OpenSSL 1.1.1n to improve security.
  • (Server on Windows and macOS) The OData API is now available.
  • (Server) The Log Viewer now separates Error and Message in  interactive view.

A roll of Scotch tape and a sharp cutting blade. Claris would not tell me how much Scotch tape they used in fixing the bugs in FileMaker. Photo by Mitchell Luo/Unsplash. Photo of computer code at top of page by Gabriel Heinzer/Unsplash.

Bugs Fixed

  • (Pro) Conditionally hidden layout objects continued to be evaluated in hidden windows, slowing layout loads.
  • (Pro on macOS Monterey) Line numbers displayed inconsistently when scrolling through a script.
  • (Pro on Windows) Newly-installed custom menus failed to display after opening new windows unless they were refreshed.
  • (Pro) The Quote function failed to escape line feed characters in the same way as carriage returns.
  • (Pro) When a group of relationships were copied on the relationships graph, the relation keys were appropriately related to the new table occurrences but the sort fields continued to reference the original table occurrences.
  • (Server) Scripts running on the server did not stop running if they used a Set Field script step and the set value contained a large object.
  • (Server) The Web Publishing Engine did not release memory used by card windows, causing slowdowns and an eventual restart of FileMaker Server.
  • (Server) When switching to other file windows in WebDirect, object anchoring failed to render correctly so objects would appear in incorrect locations.
  • (Server on Windows) When composing and launching a mailto link from WebDirect, empty CC fields resulted in unreadable characters in Windows 10 Mail and emails could not be sent.
  • (Go) The dropdown calendar failed to display on iPads in landscape orientation.
  • (Go) Fields configured to auto-enter a calculation based on Get (UUIDNumber ), validated to be unique, and with “Prohibit modification of value during entry” unselected, erroneously duplicated values.

How to Get the FileMaker 19.5 Update

  • FileMaker Pro  You are likely to get a prompt when you next run FileMaker Pro. If you don’t, select ‘Check for Updates…’ from the FileMaker Pro Help menu or download an updater from the Claris downloads page.
  • FileMaker Server You can download an installer from your Electronic Software Download (ESD) page, or you can log in to your Claris Customer Console and download it from there.
  • FileMaker Go The app is likely to be upgraded automatically. If it isn’t, open the App Store app on your device, tap on the user icon top-right, scroll down to see the list of available updates and tap the ‘update’ or ‘update all’ button.