Privacy Policy

This page contains our privacy policy.

Photo of a sticker stating 'Big data is watching you', used to adorn our privacy policy page.

We are Workplace Innovation Software SpA, a company based in Concón, Chile providing services to customers worldwide. We trade as WISSPA. Our English website is located at and our Spanish website is at

What Data do We Collect on This Website?

We collect data in the form that you can use to contact us. These forms request some or all of the following pieces of information:

  • Name – so that we can identify you.
  • Organization (optional) – so that we can identify you.
  • Country (optional) – so that we can locate you and consider time and language differences when we communicate.
  • Email Address – so that we can communicate with you.
  • Message (optional) – so that we know what questions you have or what you’re interested in talking to us about.

Do We Share Your Data?


What do We do with Your Data?

When you contact us through this website we put your details into a record in a database. The database is encrypted-at-rest and can only be accessed by defined user accounts that have strong passwords. Connections to the database are encrypted. You can request that we securely erase your data at any time, which we promise to act upon within 28 days. (See below for legal exceptions to this promise.)

What About Other Personal Data?

Generally, we work for companies, academic institutions or public agencies. When we develop an app we use randomised test data. Occasionally, however, we are asked to rebuild an existing app containing pre-existing data. In these instances we need to use real data towards the end of the development process to complete the testing prior to app deployment. The real data could contain personal elements, such as the names and addresses of real people. In addition, we do occasionally work for individuals, and in this way also come across personal data.

Where data may contain personal elements we require our customers to send that data to us, or we retrieve them, using an encrypted method. We store the data within an encrypted environment. Our apps during development are encrypted-at-rest and hosted on a server requiring encrypted connections. When development is complete and the app has been deployed, we securely erase the data both in its stored state and from within the development database. You can request that we securely erase this data at any time, which we promise to act upon within 28 days. (See below for legal exceptions to this promise.)

What about ‘Legal Exceptions’?

We are legally obliged to keep sufficient records to satisfy government agencies that we carry out the activities that we say we do, that we have earned the money that we say we’ve earned and that we have spent the money that we say we’ve spent. This means keeping records of customers that we work for and send invoices to; suppliers we buy goods and receive bills from; and projects that we work on and apps that we develop. Inevitably, that means retaining much of the types of data that we’ve mentioned above.

What About Cookies?

This website does not use cookies.

When was this Privacy Policy last Updated?

March 28, 2024.