The logo for the investment manager custom app.

Property Investment

We developed a custom app on the Claris/FileMaker Platform that manages hundreds of millions of dollars of investment for individual investors and investment companies.

Please note that the screenshots contain mock data generated by Mockaroo; any similarity to actual people or organizations is entirely coincidental!



  • Manage any number of investors – including other investment funds – in an investment fund.
  • See important details of the investor, the amount that they have committed (i.e. promised) and the amount that has been received from them.
  • See key milestones such as the date payment was received, and the ‘Ref’ or referrer, the staff member who referred the investor.
  • Filter the list of investors by parameters such as investor or ref.
  • Review the totals for the amounts committed and received.


  • Offer different classes of share to investors and see all investment information organized by class.
  • In the screenshot, for example, see an investment entity that has been allocated $8 million.
  • That allocation has been split into $2 million for class A and $6 million for class B.
  • This view of the investment shows the amounts committed, not committed, received and not received, for both of those classes.
  • See also the overall totals for committed, not committed, received and not received.


  • Set up an investment entity with as many classes and funding sources as you need. (A funding source is the same as the Ref in one of the other views.)
  • Assign a dollar amount to every funding source in every class.
  • view a real-time display of how much has been assigned in total against each class, in a table to the right.
  • Produce any combination of class and funding source, as required.


  • Generate the milestones in the process of creating an investment fund based on the first milestone date and rules set up by the user.
  • Add every date in the process as all of the milestones are achieved.
  • Exclude a milestone if it is irrelevant, via a simple ‘NA’ checkbox.
  • Include the milestones in an official transaction log, if required.


An investor may invest in more than one class, may pay in installments, may use different payment methods and may use their own investment vehicle (or ‘vesting’). 

  • Track all of the variables around an investor’s investments in one place.
  • See the investment entity, investor, funding source, ref and investor’s vesting.
  • Identify regulatory information such as the investor’s state and subscription document milestones.
  • List the amounts committed and received for each class in the investment.
  • Record payments from the investor, incuding the date and related class.


  • Generate one of many reports from the custom app at a click of a button.
  • See, in the screenshot, a pre-funding report, which provides a snapshot of an investment entity at a moment in time.
  • The report shows totals for allocated, committed, not committed, received and not received against the individual classes, the different funding sources, and then the funding sources with each class.
  • The report then lists the investors, plus the class, and amounts committed and received.
  • Other reports include an investor summary, showing the investments that an investor has made; a property list; an allocation grid; and many, many more.