Icon for the MENDLOG app.


We developed a custom app on the Claris/FileMaker Platform that manages maintenance tasks in manufacturing facilities, schools or universities, offices, warehouses, retail spaces and more.

Please note that the screenshots contain mock data generated by Mockaroo; any similarity to actual people or organizations is entirely coincidental!



  • See everything you need to manage maintenance efficiently in the dashboard.
  • View a real-time list of faults, inspections, services, and actions.
  • Click on an event in the list to view its detail.
  • Filter the list by type (e.g. fault, inspection), time period (e.g. today, yesterday, this week, this month), and status (open or closed).
  • Check the history of faults, inspections, services, or actions in a chart.
  • Change the chart to display the previous 12 weeks, months, or years.
  • Click on a bar in the chart to view the events that are represented by that bar. 
  • See at-a-glance the number of open faults and overdue inspections.
  • Click on the ‘Trend’ button to see a chart showing whether the average number of faults is falling or rising over time.


  • View and edit the details of an asset, including its location, type, serial number, supplier and purchase date.
  • See the faults, inspections, services and actions that are attached to an asset, with an indicator showing whether they are open or closed.
  • Click on any fault, inspection, service or action to view its detail.
  • Review the checklists that have been completed for an asset.
  • Select a different asset from the list in the left sidebar.


  • View and edit the questions on a checklist; checklists can contain any type of question that can be written to require a yes or no response.
  • See the assets to which a checklist has been linked.
  • Click on an asset to view its detail.
  • During a repair or an inspection, record notes against a checklist question to provide detail that may help with future repairs or inspections.
  • Attach checklists to regular inspections so that the same checklist is used whenever the inspection is repeated.
  • Select a different checklist from the list in the left sidebar.


  • View and edit an event.
  • See the asset and the checklist to which an event has been linked.
  • Select a different event from the list in the left sidebar.
  • Use an iPad to look through the list of faults that have been reported.
  • Select a fault while standing next to the machine and start the repair.
  • Similarly, use an iPad to plan inspections and services during a day.
  • Find a specific inspection while standing next to the item to be inspected.
  • Display the checklist and work through it, adding notes if required.

iPad & Desktop

  • On an iPad, update the fault, inspection or service as you continue working on the asset.
  • If there’s a checklist, work through the questions and tap the Yes or No button.
  • Tap the ‘i’ button to read guidance if it exists. 
  • Add notes if helpful.
  • Record follow-up actions. If, for example, a machine is regularly breaking down with the same fault, record a follow-up suggesting some research be done into whether the fault is common on the machine.
  • Add any consumables (such as water or oil) used during the repair or inspection.
  • When the repair or inspection is complete, sign it off on the iPad.
  • If an inspection repeats – every week, every month, etc. – the next one will be scheduled automatically.


  • When viewing a list of events, print the list, save it as a PDF or export it as an Excel file.
  • Choose to include event results such as checklist questions.