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A power switch showing a chunky handle and an on-and-off position. This is used to adorn our article on a custom app for controlling IoT devices.

Custom App for IoT Devices

Recently we were asked to develop a prototype custom app for IoT devices. (IoT is ‘internet of things’.) The custom app needed to control a set of lamps in the home. In this article I explain how we achieved this and how the same technique could be used to control any IoT device.

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On April 26, 2022 Claris held a public webinar that contained some big Claris news announcements. Screenshot taken from Claris public webinar of April 26, 2022.
Claris/FileMaker News

Big Claris News

On April 26, 2022 Claris held a public webinar that contained some big Claris news. Claris announced a new web application called Claris Studio, a new custom application seeding program called Claris Problem Solvers Circle, a rebrand of FileMaker products and the features of upcoming FileMaker updates. In this article I explain what is in the pipeline.

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Composite of Anthony Lambert, CEO/Founder of Workplace Innovation Software, used to adorn the page that contains an interview of Anthony Lambert by Claris.
Business Discussion

Interview with Anthony Lambert

Claris recently published an interview with Anthony Lambert, our Founder and CEO. In the interview, Anthony describes when he started developing in FileMaker and why he chose FileMaker. He also discusses what he likes most about FileMaker and talks about setting up a company in Chile.

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A question mark painted on a pebble, used to adorn our article on why you should get a custom app.
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Why Get a Custom App?

This article answers the basic questions: why get a custom app? What problems does a custom app solve? What are the benefits? To help answer these questions, I take a typical manufacturing process before and after a custom app is deployed.

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