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Case Manager

Case Manager is a custom app developed on the Claris/FileMaker Platform that manages legal cases based around product liability. It gathers in one place the cases, defendants, files, products, tests, milestones and formal notices that such legal cases generate.​ It is a custom app developed for a specific client.

Features of Case Manager

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Our legal case management app is a powerful, feature-rich custom app that manages everything associated with legal cases based around product liability. Cases can be split into as many sub-cases, or references, as are required, with each reference having its own set of defendants and its own notes. Notes can also be applied to the overall case.

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The app captures details of the product at the center of the case against a specific defendant. Evidence files can be attached to the product record. If there are more than one responsible parties in the case, these can be listed along with their role (such as distributor, vendor or manufacturer). Test results, down to the level of a specific chemical found during a test, can be recorded.

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Details of the defendant can be added, including specific people that are representatives of the defendant. Our legal case management app provides multiple routes through the data, so that wherever a user sees a name in the app – for example of a case or a contact or a pleading – the user can click the name or a button to go to that item. This means that the information that the user wants is only ever one click away.

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Notes are the engine of the app. Every contact with anyone in the case can be captured in the notes. To make the best use of available screen space, notes are presented with variable heights that shrink or expand based on the contents of each note. The user can search for specific words or phrases in the notes: when the results are returned, the word or phrase is highlighted in every note, making it easy to find what you're looking for.

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All formal documents can be added to the legal case management app. This may include anything from due diligence checklists, notices and settlement records to requests for dismissal, summons, motions to be relieved as counsel or post-judgement compliance requests. In addition, significant milestones may be added, capturing dates such as when discovery is due, when discovery was served, when is the first day to file and when is a subpoena response due.

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The legal case management app has a large case dashboard that presents all information related to a case to be displayed on one screen, making use of the specific client’s large computer monitors. The case, the reference and then the defendant can be selected from a collapsible list and then all notes, product packs, defendant contacts, pleadings, notices, milestones and files are displayed in scrollable lists. Every item can be clicked for viewing in detail. Notes can be pinned so that they appear in a reserved section, highlighted in yellow.

Screenshots of Case Manager

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