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This is a FileMaker custom app to manage maintenance tasks in a manufacturing facility, school or university, office, warehouse, retail space…

It is a ready-made app that is currently being beta-tested. If you would like to join the beta program, or just want to try the app during the beta program, you will qualify for a 30% discount on the price of the finished app. If you report a bug during the beta program, you will qualify for an additional 20% discount, so you’ll get the app for half-price!

Manage Maintenance with MENDLOG

Here is a summary of the many features of MENDLOG, our maintenance management app. The summary only skims the surface so if you would like any more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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An engineer can walk around your site and use MENDLOG on an iPad to look through the list of faults that have been reported. He or she can go to a machine and update the fault record on the iPad. He or she can record the consumibles used during the repair of the fault. And when the repair is complete, he or she can close off the fault on the iPad.

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The engineer can use MENDLOG on an iPad to plan their inspections and services during a day. He or she can find the inspection on the iPad, display the checklist, work through the checklist then sign off the inspection. If it is a regular inspection, the next one will be automatically scheduled by the app.

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During a fault or an inspection, the engineer can use MENDLOG on an iPad to record follow-up actions. So, for example, if a machine is regularly breaking down with the same fault, the engineer could record a follow-up stating that some research should be done into whether this particular fault is common on the specific machine and whether there is a repair that could fix it in the long-term.

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It is possible within MENDLOG to create checklists. These can contain any types of question and have a yes or no response. During a repair or an inspection, the engineer can record notes against a checklist question to provide detail that may help with future repairs or inspections. Checklists can be attached to regular inspections, so that the same checklist is used for repeat inspections.

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The dashboard of MENDLOG has everything you need to manage maintenance efficiently. It has a real-time display of faults, inspections, services and actions. The display can be filtered into different time periods such as today, this week or this month. Also on the dashboard is a chart showing faults, inspections, services or actions over time. The time periods can be changed from weeks to months or years. The display can show open or closed events, or both. The user can click on a bar on the chart to see a list of those events.

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MENDLOG, like all of our custom or ready-made apps, can be hosted in the cloud or on a server on your own site. For site installations, FileMaker Server software can be run on Windows, Mac or Linux servers/computers. MENDLOG can also be opened as an individual file, in FileMaker Pro or in FileMaker Go on iPhones and iPads.

Screenshots of MENDLOG

Here are screenshots of MENDLOG. Click on a screenshot to see a larger view. You can navigate between the screenshots whilst looking at the larger views.

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MENDLOG Beta Program

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Sign-up and qualify for a 30% discount on the price of the released product. We will send you a link to download MENDLOG and you can try it for 60 days. Report a bug to us and qualify for an extra 20% discount, so MENDLOG will be half-price!

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