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Located in Chile + Available Globally

Workplace Innovation Software SpA is a company that was registered in Chile in 2020. (We often abbreviate the name to Wisspa.) We provide the following services:

  • We develop custom apps.
  • We enhance custom apps (our own and other people’s).
  • We provide support for custom apps (our own and other people’s).
  • We integrate custom apps (our own and other people’s) with other business applications.
  • We convert older FileMaker file formats to the most recent one. 
  • We sometimes create websites.
  • We resell licenses for Claris and FileMaker software.

We accept payment in most currencies using whatever methods are supported by Paypal in your country. For Chilean customers we can issue SII-approved business invoices (facturas) in Chilean pesos.

The platform on which we choose to base our custom apps is the Claris/FileMaker platform for its range of features, its extensibility and its approach to security. We are a Claris Partner and a Claris Reseller.

Anthony Lambert

Workplace Innovation Software is led by Anthony Lambert, a British software engineer with over 20 years of developing custom apps on the Claris/FileMaker Platform. Anthony is a Claris FileMaker Certified Developer. He has written custom apps for:

  • Multi-billion dollar public companies.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • One-person outfits just starting out.
  • And all of the different sizes in between.


The business sectors that we work for include:

  • Engineering companies.
  • Shops and retail outlets.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Property investors.
  • University departments.
  • Law firms.
  • Manufacturing sites.
  • Consultancies.
  • And many, many more.


Custom apps developed on the Claris/FileMaker platform can be accessed in many different ways:

  • Using FileMaker Pro on computers, both Windows and Mac.
  • Through FileMaker Go on iPads and iPhones.
  • Via a web browser on computers, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Android phones.


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Workplace Innovation Software is an approved Claris Partner.
Workplace Innovation Software is an approved Claris Partner Reseller.
Workplace Innovation Software has at least one Claris FileMaker Certified Developer.
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Workplace Innovation Software

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